Policy Statement to Consecrate Senior Clergies as Bishops

  • Senior most Pastors with vast experience in Church Administration are consecrated as Bishops, on the Recommendation of Christian Leadership and on the approval of the Senate of the Jerusalem Synod.
  • To stimulate the Evangelistic and Missionary zeal in the Churches and to lead the Pastors.
  • To facilitate the formation of networks between the Churches.
  • Bishops are to promote Mission and Evangelism for the holistic understanding and practice of Mission.
  • Bishops are to explore opportunities and development of Christian response to the contemporary challenges of the changing society in the context of Mission.
  • Bishops are to organize and promote the relationship with the people of other faiths through dialogue.
  • Bishops are to encourage, develop, support and strengthen people’s participation in God’s mission for peace and justice.
  • The amount sent towards Bishop Consecration Certificate will be used by University Of Jerusalem towards Scholarship Fund, which will be of great help to the needy Christians as well as grass root level Pastors, who enroll in the Degree Programs of University of Jerusalem.