You can join during any time of the Year.
You can finish a Degree Course even before the maximum time limit.
Contact Classes are conducted for Doctoral Students. But the doubts of all the Students will be cleared over phone or by mail or in person.
Yes, but all Exams are through Correspondence only and not in any examination centre.
No. If you have already completed elsewhere any of the Lessons listed by UJ,
or if your Ministry Experience is longer,
or if your Ministry is bigger,
or if your Ministry is remarkable,
then some of the requirements may be waived taking into consideration your Christian Experience and your contribution
to the Kingdom of God.
The fees amount may be sent by M.O. or D.D. drawn in favour of JUBU TRUST mentioning...
(a) your name and full postal address with Pin Code,
(b) the amount sent and
(c) towards what it is sent.
Shall I get my Fees back?
Fees once paid is not refundable.