Policy of UJ Promotional Coordinator

  1. If you are a Christian Brother or Sister, you can serve as Promotional Coordinator of UJ.
  2. You can do this service without any restriction of jurisdiction.
  3. This service can be done with or without prior experience.
  4. Students / Employed Personnel / Servants of God can do this service in their free time.
  5. Copies of Brochures with details of Degree Courses and Application Forms in English and Tamil will be sent to you by UJ from UJ’s Chennai office. These can be downloaded from Our website also.
  6. If you require more copies, you can take photocopies of these Brochures and Application Forms.
  7. You can pass on these Brochures and Forms to the prospective Christians (Men and Women).
  8. You can encourage them to enroll as Students in the Theological Degree Programs of UJ offered by correspondence in English or Tamil.
  9. Inform those who are interested to enroll themselves as Students to send their filled in Application Forms to UJ’s Office at Chennai.
  10. Inform them to send to UJ’s Chennai office their Registration Fees as well as Course Fees either by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “JUBU TRUST”, payable at Chennai or by Money Order.
  11. You can also get the Application Forms duly filled in from them and forward the same to UJ’s Chennai office.
  12. You can also send to UJ’s Chennai office the Registration Fees or the Course Fees of any applicant, but not by cash and only by Demand Draft.
  13. On receipt of the filled in Application Forms, UJ’s Chennai office will send the Admission Letter directly to the applicants, mentioning their Associate Number.
  14. On receipt of the prescribed amount of the Course Fees, the Receipt, the Course Materials, Question Papers etc., will be directly sent by post / courier from UJ’s Chennai office to the Students concerned.
  15. Your Name, Address and Associate Number should be written either by the applicant or by you in the appropriate place of the filled in Application Form of those who enroll as Students and thereby ensuring that you introduced UJ to them in order to help UJ send you the Promotional Coordinator's Contribution.
  16. For the services rendered by you as UJ’s Promotional Coordinator, UJ will send you the Promotional Coordinator Contribution, which is 10% of the Course Fees received from the Students who are enrolled through your efforts.
  17. This Promotional Coordinator Contribution will not be sent after every admission, but will be sent after a certain amount is accumulated.
  18. Expenses of Publicity in any form, expenses of advertising about UJ in any Magazine, expenses of making copies of Promotional Materials, Postal expenses, Travel expenses, expenses of making Phone Calls, expenses of operating a Local Office, expenses of conducting Meetings, or any other expense in this connection should be borne by you.