Alan Edmunds - Reg No: 4638

I am doing my M.Div. in UJ. I found the subjects used for this course to be very informative, well organized and well presented. I have never read any materials from these authors & I found their approach to be unique. The message & content were on important subjects & helped me greatly in my bible study.

I studied my D.Th. Course in University of Jerusalem. When I studied my course, the Lord blessed me with miracles & blessings. These studies helped me to grow in spiritual life. God healed me completely from the sickness that I faced for more than one year. God delivered us from our family problems. God had promised me some years before that He will provide me a child. I got conceived when I was studying this course.

Esther Saritha - Reg No: 4487

L. Arockia Mary - Reg No: 4562

I am studying B.Th. When I studied my subjects, the Holy Spirit taught me through the Word of God many hidden things. I feel a great difference and change in my Life, in my prayers & in my Bible reading. God healed me naturally while studying my course. When I was doing my assignments, I realized God’s guidance. He was revealing the Word of God to me.

So many times I have felt that the blessings that are showered by God are obstructed. After studying the course materials of UJ, I do understand the truth. I have decided to use the defensive weapons.

D. Hepzibah Beulah Punitha Jeyarani - Reg No: 4695

P. Rajamani - Reg No: 4411

According to my view, the course materials of UJ are written in a practical manner. Especially in the subject on expelling the demons, the author has explained the seven ways in which demons gain access into people’s lives. He has used scripture and personal experiences to show us that demons are real. One of the nine steps of deliverance has impressed me.

The title of the Lesson ‘Don’t worry for anything’, which is one of the lessons for the Ph.D. studies, was very encouraging. By reading the author’s testimonies, books and author’s relationship with God etc, I have understood clearly what to pray, how to pray and when to pray. Instead of brooding over the pains of the past, I have got a mental attitude of thinking on the present blessings.

G. Tamil Selvi - Reg No: 3911

M. Yesumony Moses - Reg No: 1930

All of the lessons of UJ are very useful for my Spiritual Life and for my ministry. I had to study them without the knowledge of my husband. My son paid my fees. My husband is against these things. Had he known of my theological course, he would have torn the books. So, I studied the lessons when he was away from home. Later on he fell ill and was in bed for one year. Than he repented and accepted the Lord. Later on, he died.

The lesson ‘Victory over the darkness’ is a scholarly written practical guide to be followed by every believer. The author clears many hidden doubts.

Rev. J. J. Henry Swami Doss - Reg No: 1313

K. Lawrence - Reg No: 4699

I have learnt several spiritual truths by studying the lesson in Biblical Studies. I understood clearly that pride is the reason for the downfall of Satan. Several people told me that if I undergo Ph.D. Doctoral Degree course, I will become proud. Hence, I was neglecting to enroll in this Degree course. But I thank God for teaching me through this course to be humble.

My faith got increased, while studying the course materials. When I did the assignments & wrote the answers it helped me to research the bible more. These studies kindled my desire to read the Word of God more in depth day after day.

W. Moses Sheela - Reg No: 4643