Vision & Objectives


To offer qualitative Theological Education through in-depth programs . Using deeper Spiritual Books and Resources available Catering to all Christians without any denominational barrier in order to help them learn the Truth as well as to become Teachers of the Truth thereby preparing them to face the challenges of the End Time Ministries of the 21st Century.


Thought on the Page:

  • Our desire is to make His Children fly high in Ministry!
  • To provide Theological Education for Full Time as well as Part Time Servants of God, those who are involved in the Ministries of Churches, the Staff of Para Church Organizations and all Christians (Men and Women).
  • To teach the Word of God in a simple way to make it easy to understand.
  • To equip them to apply the practical teachings in their personal life as well as in their ministry.
  • To train them in the Word of God to be effective and successful in life as well as in their respective Ministries.
  • To provide continuing Education in the field of Theology for all Theological Graduates.